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Fund Conference: Nicole Vasquez Invests in Women with Forward Fund Grants

Are you a female founder or funder? Well, Chicago is the place to be!

The Fund Conference took place in Chicago from October 24-25th, 2018. The first day of the Fund Conference kicked off with a half-day women’s event designed to bring female founders and funders together in one space.

Nicole Vasquez, the co-founder of Forward Fund, shared her story and insights at the Fund Conference.

Becoming a Female Founder

Five years ago, Vasquez quit her corporate job to start a co-working space. She obsessively researched, planned ahead, and spoke with people in the business.

With no interior design and construction background, Vasquez set out on a mission to create a hub in the neighborhood where people could learn, collaborate, and connect. She got loans, maxed out credit cards, and leveraged savings to make it happen. Approximately three months ago, Vasquez sold the business to a long-time member.

The Launch of Forward Fund

Nicole is a woman who is making significant moves in Chicago and paving the way for other female founders.

Driven by a desire to give back and help women overcome the financial challenges associated with becoming a female founder, she joined resources with other women and co-founded Forward Fund. Forward Fund awards quarterly grants to individuals or small groups of collaborators who need a little extra support to make their project a reality.

Meet the group of women paying it forward in Chicago!

Vasquez ended her words of wisdom with an uplifting message inspired by Michelle Obama, “When you reach a certain level of success and walk through that door of opportunity, you don’t turn around and close it behind you. You turn around and help other people through. Success and doing well is not a zero-sum game. If I do well, I can help other people do well.”

About Nicole: Nicole Vasquez is the co-founder of Deskpass (a multi-city coworking membership service), co-founder of Second Shift (a coworking space in Chicago), and The Shift Forward (a social impact programs company). She received her Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College Chicago and her M.B.A. from Loyola University of Chicago.

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