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2019 Black DyMynds Financial Empowerment Event Highlights

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From Philanthropy to Angel Investing, women have the power to control where their money goes.

But women have to first understand money management and their values in order to be intentional about making it happen.

On Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019, DyMynd brought the highly anticipated money conversation to the Mid-America Club in Chicago.

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At the inaugural Black DyMynds Financial Empowerment Event for Women of Color hosted by Dr. ML Black and Carolyn Jean “The Option Queen”, Chicago’s most influential leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs convened to discuss the power of the purse.

“It is not about living within your means it is about underwriting your values” -DyMynd

If you weren’t there to hear the gems delivered by the phenomenal line-up of speakers, here are some highlights from the event.

Develop a Money Mynd$hift

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Dorri McWhorter, CEO of the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago, wowed the audience with a keynote speech that will make you think about your role as a philanthropist and an investor in a different way.

McWhorter, an experienced CPA and former partner at one of the nation’s largest accounting firms, has discovered the secret to achieving the double bottom line: generating income while making an impact.

In 2018, she led YWCA’s involvement in the creation of the first socially-conscious ETF (YWCA Impact Shares Women’s Empowerment ETF WOMN) focused on women’s empowerment. This ETF is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. McWhorter is changing the game in the non-profit space by using the capital markets to raise money for a good cause.

McWhorter is on a mission to “create an inclusive marketplace where everyone thrives”. Now, women who are seeking to invest can support funds that align with their values!


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When you think about a philanthropist, what comes to mind?

For many, the thought of an old, rich white man in a suit is the leading image of a philanthropist.

During a fireside chat with Nicole Robinson, Dr. ML Black explores what it means to be a philanthropist and shatters myths about what it takes to get involved.

Here’s the conclusion: you don’t need millions of dollars to invest in others. Through philanthropy, you can put your money where your heart is and contribute to causes that mean the most to you.

That’s exactly what Nicole Robinson, Vice President of Community Impact at the Greater Chicago Food Depository and Bronzeville resident, has done through her philanthropic initiatives. Robinson co-founded a giving circle in her community and is cultivating the next generation of givers.

Join the #IAMAPHILANTHROPIST movement! Learn more about the South Side Giving Circle here.

Move from Fear to Fuel

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How do you own your financial future?

Dr. Lynessa Rico, a seasoned business development professional and Director of Undergraduate Business Programs at National Louis University
Assistant Professor, led a money conversation that all women need to be a part of.

During the “Fear to Fuel” panel, three leaders in the finance and investing place discussed their personal journey of fueling their finances and gave recommendations to the audience.

Florence Hardy, Chief Equity Officer at truCrowd, started an equity crowdfunding portal that connects startups and emerging businesses with non-accredited and accredited investors. She recommends that women “be comfortable being uncomfortable” and “show up” because you never know where your next opportunity will come from.

Charlene Rhinehart, Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Wealthy Women Daily, shares her experience leaving her full-time job in 2015 and offering financial coaching services to show people how they can live a life that aligns with their values. It’s all about being intentional with your money. “If you pay yourself first, you’ll always be ahead of the game. If you pay yourself last, you’ll always be left behind,” says Rhinehart.

Shanda McFadden, a leading Financial Advisor in Chicago, helps high-net-worth individuals build a financial strategy to meet their goals. She shares her personal values to help clients think about what matters most to them and how they want to allocate their money. “What drives me is making sure that my 13-year-old son doesn’t have to be rejected by multiple bankers when he’s ready to start his business. He can come to mom like other people that I know. For the first time in my family, I’ll be able to do that and that’s my value.”

Become an Angel Investor

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What are your values? Do you want to invest in other women who share the same values?

Become an Angel Investor! DyMynd Angels have created a platform that allows women to invest in other women within minutes!

Women no longer have to beg for a seat at the table. Dr. ML Black and Carolyn Jean “The Option Queen” have created a table for women to take the lead in growing the female funding ecosystem.

Close the Gender Funding gap by investing in Female Founders today! Start here.

Are you ready to learn how to invest and build wealth on your terms? Join us! Subscribe here to get the best money tips delivered to your inbox. Don’t forget to grab your copy of “Dividends Are a Queen’s Best Friend” on Amazon!

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