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Hi! I’m Charlene. I’m glad that you stopped by! If you’re looking to find fun, creative, and sophisticated ways to make, manage, and multiply your money, you’ve come to the right place.

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I really want to know about you and how we can work together in the future. So send me an email (don’t be shy) at and let me know what you’re looking for in your financial life. I’m a real person typing these words so I will respond to you (you’ve just made a new friend…woohoo!).

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But since you stopped by, I’ll give you a little something now: )

My Story (The Appetizer)

I love tacos, tapioca pudding, and tea. When I get all three, I’m truly unstoppable.

That’s probably what helped me to become one of the youngest Certified Public Accountants (CPA) in my community at the age of 23. Then a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) at 24. And a Project Management Professional (PMP) at 25.

All of those appetizing certifications satisfied my intellectual cravings while I worked full-time as a financial analyst for one of the largest banks in the world. But I was still hungry for more.

So I became a Distinguished Toastmaster, Cheerleader for a semi-pro football team, and won the title of Ms. Corporate America in a pageant held in Orlando, Fl.

Yep – that’s all true. And the real reason why I became known as a Non-Traditional CPA. Who said you could only be great at one thing?

Now those moves had people talking but my next move had heads turning.

I took a career pause and traveled around the world. I sure did! I explored the boundaries of the United States, Bermuda, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, and Belgium. We can talk more about this later 🙂

Six months later, I returned home (Chicago!) and had some tough decisions to make. These questions invaded my every thought…

  • Should I move to New York to pursue my MBA? I got accepted to an ivy league school to pursue my MBA on the east coast but had to make one of the hardest decisions ever (the choice caused me to give up $8000). Long story for another day.
  • Do I return to corporate America right now?
  • Do I continue traveling around the world?
  • Do I let go and let God work?

Since this is only the appetizer, I’ll get straight to the point so you can finish doing what you were supposed to be doing.

I allowed God to work in my life and I saw doors open that I never knew existed. In a pursuit to continue paying my bills while I built my CEO Unlimited Communications firm, I explored at least 25 side gigs (not at the same time). You can read more about that on the Career Goddess Academy.

These side gigs helped me to get back in the game of investing. I quickly realized that learning how to invest and multiply my money was the only way that I would continue living the life I wanted to live.

And tada ….Wealthy Women Daily was born! I’m here to break down as many investing concepts as possible so you can focus on how you want to live your life when you get more time and money back in your pockets.

Ok, there you have it. That’s my three-minute elevator pitch. Thanks for riding with me! This is only the beginning of our journey together.

Let’s Connect!