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February Winner: 5 Day Investing Challenge

Congratulations to everyone who participated in February’s 5 Day “Invest in You” Challenge. If you didn’t get to join us this time, I hope to see you at our next challenge. Here’s what past participants had to say:  “I would do this challenge again in a heartbeat. Everyone needs a …

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January Winners: 5 Day Investing Challenge

5 Day Investing Challenge

We completed our first 5 Day Investing Challenge in January!!  If you didn’t get to join us this time, I hope to see you at our next challenge in February. Here’s what participants had to say:  “I would do this challenge again in a heartbeat. Everyone needs a starting point or for …

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Dividend Aristocrats – Wealthy Women Daily | Paychecks to Passive Income

Wealthy Women Daily | Dividend Queen

Here are a list of Dividend Aristocrats as of February 2022. This list represents companies that have increased their dividends in each of the past 25 consecutive years. No.CompanyTicker SymbolAnnual DividendYears of Dividend Growth1Dover Corp.DOV$2.00662Emerson Electric Co.EMR$2.06653Genuine Parts Co.GPC$3.58654Procter & Gamble Co.PG$3.486553M Co.MMM$5.96646Cincinnati Financial Corp.CINF$2.76617The Coca-Cola Company KO$1.76598Johnson & JohnsonJNJ$4.24599Lowe’sLOW$3.205910Colgate-Palmolive …

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The New 30 Dow Jones Stocks – 2020

Learn more about the Dow Jones stocks by signing up for Wealthy Women Daily’s free newsletter. Get investing tips, travel insights, and money perks! Start here. We are sending more stock ideas this month and we want you to join the journey! Do you want to know how well the market …

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Are Roth IRA Accounts FDIC Insured?

Are you thinking about opening a Roth IRA and wondering if your money is FDIC insured? Great question! There are two main types of protection for your assets: FDIC insurance or SIPC coverage. FDIC insurance protects bank customers in case a financial institution fails and SIPC protects brokerage firm customers …

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My Journey to Becoming a Tax-Free Dividend Queen

What advice would you give your younger self? I would definitely go back and tell myself this: stop worrying about filling your closet with the latest fashions and start building a stock portfolio that’s bigger than your shoe collection. I was a true shopaholic. Subscribe to Wealthy Women Weekly so you can …

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May 2020 Dividend Queen Income Update

Welcome to my monthly dividend portfolio update! I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about investing and dividends so I thought this was the perfect time to give a portfolio update and help more people understand how dividend investing works. When you invest in dividend stocks, you are buying another …

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Dividends: A New Source of Income

Are you ready to create an extra source of income without adding another task to your to-do list? It’s simple; start taking advantage of dividend income. Grab your copy of “Dividends Are a Queen’s Best Friend” if you’re ready to start your investing journey today! What are Dividends? It’s the …

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Top Credit Card Security Risks and How to Avoid Them

As the world shifted towards becoming a more cashless and digital society over the last two years, credit card fraud started to increase as well. The United States alone suffered an estimated loss of over $11 billion from these transactions. Merchant Risk Council CEO Julie Fergerson explains that this number will only …

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