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2020 Credit Card Review: Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards

I’m always online searching for the best credit cards so when I stumbled upon the Capital One SavorOne Rewards Cards, I had to get it.

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The Power of Credit Cards

Are credit cards good or bad? It depends on who you ask. If you’re in credit card debt and paying hundreds of dollars in interest every month, you probably aren’t too fond of the plastic. But if you make money from credit cards every month and use the rewards to travel for free, you’re probably in love.

Credit cards are powerful. You just have to understand how to use credit cards to your advantage.

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Capital One SavorOne Rewards Card

Check out the benefits and apply here.

If you love food like I do, you’ll get rewarded with the Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Card. What I really love is that you get unlimited cash back on every purchase.

I’ve actually thought about purchasing property with my card since I didn’t have to pay interest for 15 months and could build the capital to pay the credit card off.

Capital One SavorOne is also giving a sign-up bonus. I love the sign-up bonuses you receive from credit cards. In 2019, this was an extra source of income for me. This is how you start earning money from credit card companies instead of you paying them tons of interest every month.

Find out how I received an 800+ credit score by getting new credit cards!

Here is why I love my Capital One SavorOne rewards card:

  • New cardmembers earn a one-time $150 cash bonus once you spend $500 on purchases within the first 3 months from account opening
  • 0% intro APR for 15 months
  • No Annual Free
  • Earn unlimited 3% cash back on dining and entertainment, 2% at grocery stores and 1% on all other purchases
  • Rewards points can be used to get gift cards, cover your purchases, or get cash.

This credit card is for customers with excellent credit.

Before getting a credit card, check your credit report and credit score. You can get free credit reports at

Credit Card Review

I’ve had the card for almost a year and I have no complaints at this time. This has been my most used card of 2020. Every time I make a purchase, I get rewards points that I can redeem for cash. I can also shop with my rewards, get gift cards, transfer funds to another account, or use my rewards to cover recent purchases. It’s amazing! I’m still within my 15-month period so I don’t even know what interest looks like. But because I am committed to maintaining a good credit score, I try to always pay my bill in full every month.

Get More Free Money!

I love the idea of making money from credit card companies instead of them making money from me. Wouldn’t you want to do that, too? I remember being in credit card debt and having to pay hundreds of dollars in interest every month. I do NOT want to experience that lifestyle again so I do whatever it takes to make credit cards work for me.

If you’re looking for more cards that come with sign-up bonuses, check out the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. Here’s my review of the card.

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