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Highlights from QuickBooks Connect 2019 in San Jose, California

Have you ever attended QuickBooks Connect? If not, you should definitely add it to your conference list!

The popular saying, “Your network is your net worth” comes to life when you’re at QuickBooks Connect. You’ll be surrounded by business owners who have surpassed the $1 million mark and are using digital technologies to make an impact all over the world. You’ll learn the best tips and tricks from those around you and be inspired to make your business dreams come true.

QuickBooks Connect is the premier conference for developers, business owners, and accountants. It’s not your ordinary business conference and this event is always filled with high-energy keynote addresses and workshops that take you to the next level in your personal and business development. Past speakers include Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks, Malcolm Gladwell, and Jessica Alba.

The 6th Annual QuickBooks Connect Conference took place in San Jose, California from November 6th-8th. This year’s sold-out event included celebrity appearances from Common, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Hyman, Jade Simmons, and Michael McQueen.

If you didn’t attend QuickBooks Connect 2019, here are a few highlights:

Meet Up with Your Tribe

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It doesn’t matter if you attend QuickBooks Connect alone or with a group of people. When you arrive, you’ll have a chance to Meetup with various groups that have the same interests and goals. Day 1 of the conference included Meetups with Spanish Speakers Unite and Black Accountants and Bookkeepers. Great opportunity to hang out, network, and hear best practices from others.

I had a chance to meet Shani Bevans, Founder & CEO of Shani Shania & Associates, at a Meetup and she introduced everyone to an easy way to instantly connect with everyone around you on LinkedIn. The crowd turned on their LinkedIn settings and they were able to instantly connect with everyone in the room around them just by pressing a few buttons. Business cards, anyone? Not needed! Thanks, Shani!

Learn About the Latest Technologies

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What technologies are you using to run your business? If you’re not using technology now, you’ll be left behind in this digital world. Don’t worry. QuickBooks has many workshops and a full expo room to expose you to technology partners that can make your life easier.

During Alicia Katz Pollock’s session, “Running Your Business from Your Car Using QuickBooks Online“, the session was a walkthrough of how business owners can use the QuickBooks Online Mobile app to its full potential.

Here are some items to note:

  • You can do your bank feed while waiting in line
  • Use your camera on your phone to take pictures of your receipt
  • Take advantage of the new receipt capture feature
  • Location tracker helps you to document mileage
  • Convert estimates to invoices from your phone
  • Accept credit card payments immediately

If you’re managing your own business finances, this is something you should look into.

Are you thinking about starting a business or want to get that almighty business plan in order? Check out LivePlan! It’s a cloud-based business plan software. I sat down with Kathy Gregory from Palo Alto Software to discuss how it all works.

LivePlan was developed as a tool for entrepreneurs to create and manage a business plan. It’s not a plan that you just develop and sit on your shelf. Because it’s stored on the cloud and includes many capabilities that enhance your decision making, it becomes a “living plan”.

You can also connect LivePlan to your accounting solutions to track your business financials. “The financials reveal operational performance,” says Kathy Gregory. “The metrics always tie back to something in the business that is not good or good with the operations.” LivePlan gives you the resources you need to course-correct in order to meet your business goals.

Sign up here to see how LivePlan works.

Identify Ways to Fund Your Small Business

Need money? On the “Funding Your Small Business” panel, three entrepreneurs discussed the ways they were able to fund and grow their small business.

Marissa Louie, CEO & Chief Designer at Animoodles, used her savings and a Kickstarter campaign to expand her business. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform you can use to obtain funds from individuals who support your goals. Louie informed the audience that running a Kickstarter campaign is “a lot of work”. You need money to fund your marketing efforts during this process and you’ll need the time to be creative in how you share your vision with the world.

Precious Williams from “Perfect Pitches by Precious” used her persuasive communication techniques to fund her dreams. She’s a 13-time elevator pitch conference champion who raised over $150K to start her first company. Her tips for “knocking your audience socks off” include mastering your story, beginning with the end in mind, and knowing your audience.

Delorean Johnson, CEO & Principal Lighting Designer at Au Courant Interiors, took advantage of QuickBooks Capital to fund her business. Obtaining funding through QuickBooks Capital is different than going through the traditional SBA loan process. “QuickBooks can go into your books and fund you the next day,” says Johnson. “If you don’t have your books up to date, there is capital you don’t have access to.”

Are you attending next year’s QuickBooks Connect conference? Head on over to the QuickBooks Connect website for more information!

Ready to create a business from anywhere in the world? Find out how QuickBooks ProAdvisor and Consultant Heather Satterley did it. Heather Satterly shared tips on how to “Design Your Dream Tax Practice from Anywhere in the World” at QuickBooks Connect 2017.

Here’s Tyra Banks’ advice to entrepreneurs at the QuickBooks Connect 2017 conference.

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