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Free Travel Anyone? This App Will Reward You With Gift Cards!

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I LOVE to travel. So, I’m always on the search for new ways to travel more and spend less.

In the last five months, I’ve traveled to 7 countries + 8 cities within the United States. 

Guess what? I didn’t SAVE money for my trips!

That’s right. I did not adhere to a monthly savings schedule to be able to afford my trips. My focus is saving so that I can invest in my retirement account. I don’t want all my hard earned money being used now to satisfy my trip pleasures. 

I want to live my best life now and later.  

So, what the heck did I do to be able to travel every month? 

Well, instead of saving all year long for that special vacation, I took advantage of travel hacks and incentive-based app downloads that allowed me to reduce my travel expenses. 

All you have to do is…wait for it…..scan your receipts! 

You can redeem your points for all type of travel rewards including Southwest Airlines, Uber, Airbnb, Delta Air Lines,, and Celebrity Cruises gift card. 

Here is one of the latest and greatest Apps that I just added to my portfolio. 

Fetch Rewards

I downloaded the Fetch Rewards app in October 2019 and I’m in love!!

I get points just for scanning my grocery receipts!

Now, this is what you call a simple life.

Fetch Rewards is a free app that turns grocery receipts into rewards.

Download Fetch Rewards free here:

Use my referral code, WVWBW, during signup and you’ll get 2,000 Fetch Points ($2.00 in points!) just for starting.

Are you ready to get started? This is probably the first screen you’ll see when you are all set up.

Just scan any grocery receipt, and earn points towards awesome rewards.

Start by clicking on “SCAN” at the bottom of the App to scan your receipt.

You’ll earn at least 1% on all listed brands and products, and gain access to exclusive offers that earn you even more points.

Do you see how simple it is?

So scan your grocery receipt and start getting rewards today! You can redeem your rewards for over 40 different restaurant options or a MasterCard/Visa Reward card!

#MoneyHack: When I make purchases using my ShopKick rewards, I save my receipt and upload it to the Fetch Rewards app to get more points! I get rewarded for not spending MY money!

Download Fetch Rewards free here:

Use my referral code, WVWBW, during signup and you’ll get 2,000 Fetch Points ($2.00 in points!) just for starting.

When you’re ready to redeem your rewards, just go down to the bottom and click on “Rewards”. Select the category you want and choose your reward!

That’s it. 


How often do you go grocery shopping? Make it count! 

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Charlene Rhinehart is a Certified Public Accountant, Founder of Wealthy Women Daily, and Editor-in-Chief of the Dividend InvestHer and The Wealthy Woman Investor. Charlene is currently the Chair of the Illinois CPA Society Taxation Individual Committee. With over a decade of experience in the financial services industry, Charlene is one of the few leaders who design insights specifically for the woman investor. Charlene’s work has been featured in a variety of publications including the Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In 2019, Charlene released her book “Dividends Are a Queen’s Best Friend”, on Amazon.

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