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4 Ways to Prepare Your Finances for Coronavirus

Not only is Coronavirus changing consumer behavior, but it’s also stirring up a lot of anxiety in the financial markets. The Dow Jones Industrial Average experienced it’s worst one-day point drop in history on Thursday, February 27, 2020, when it plunged 1191 points. This was worse than the loss that …

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Apple Hits the Trillion Dollar Jackpot!

Apple trilliony dollar compan

Apple’s historic climb created a new breed of millionaires. On Thursday, August 2, 2018, Apple made history by becoming the first publicly-traded U.S. company to reach a market valuation of $1 trillion. Congrats Tim Cook! Apple won the trillion-dollar race! It all happened when Apple’s stock crossed $207.05 per share …

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Rumor or Reality: Will Target & Kroger Tie the Knot?

Move Over Amazon. Target and Kroger might be tying the knot – or at least some speculators thought this was going to happen. After Amazon’s $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods Market in August 2017, other retailers are rethinking their market strategy. And for good reason. Amazon is dominating the …

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Spotify Heading to the New York Stock Exchange 

The New York Stock Exchange has added another business to its’ exclusive list of publicly-traded companies. Spotify, a digital music streaming service that was launched in 2008, will be listed on the NYSE stock exchange and available for the public to invest in the company via shares. This is expected to …

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Apple Adds Digital Magazine Service to Portfolio

One of the most powerful big four tech companies has made another move to strengthen it’s position in the marketplace. Tech giant and luxury goods provider, Apple, has added Texture to it’s portfolio. Texture is a digital magazine subscription app company that was founded in 2010. It provides unlimited monthly …

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