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DyMyndnomics Conference: Powering the Female Economy

The female economy is booming! By 2022, women will control over $2 trillion in assets.

So how can we use our money to power forward the female economy? On Tuesday, October 16th, a group of women gathered at EvolveHer for the Dymyndnomics Conference to share next steps to impact the female economy in Chicago.

“What we offer you in this room tonight are three steps to get clear, comfortable, and confident in your role in the female ecosystem here in Chicago,” says Dr. Monika Black, Chief Strategy Officer at DyMynd.

“The female economy in Chicago is at the tipping point. The right engagement, leadership, economic levers are moving into place. There is an incredible opportunity to begin to move collectively, with greater intention. As Kristin Fox of Brazen said, this journey requires us to each put our shoulder to the door, and push. DyMyndnomics is the opportunity to identify the ways in which each woman can put her shoulder to the door. This will set the tone for just how hard we will ALL push”. – DyMynd

The Economics of The Female Economy Keynote – Alicia Driskill


After a 17-year stretch in Corporate America, Alicia Driskill packed her bags in search of an opportunity that would bring her passion and gifts together in one space. In January 2018, she founded evolveHer, a creative co-working space designed just for women.

“As women, we need more than a workspace; we need a community,” says Driskill.

EvolveHer is a place where women can connect, uplift, and share. Located in the River North community at 358 W. Ontario, evolveHer has become a home for female founders in Chicago.

Understanding Her Role in The Chicago Female Economy

What are women in Chicago doing to boost the female ecosystem?

The event featured insights from Chicago’s most ambitious female founders and women who are known for “getting it done”.

Sherma Wise, Founder of The Wise Media Companies, talked about her successful career in media and her new project designed to celebrate professional women. Stay tuned!

Kristin Fox, Director of Brazen, is committed to helping more entrepreneurs gain access to funding. She noted that “you can have the best business plan but without money, you can’t go anywhere.” After a successful career in the financial world of hedge funds, she’s opening the door for the next generation of female founders as an angel investor in fintech and biotech.

Charisse Conanan, Founder of Charisse Says, recommends that women take care of themselves and get their financial house in order. She owns a FinTech company that helps individuals restore their financial health.

Veronica Aguilar, Director of 1871 + IHCC Latinx Incubator, helps start-ups realize their potential. After giving her thoughts on how segmented the ecosystem is, she announced that she plans to become a female founder too!

“Supporting women isn’t a fad; it’s a must,” says Mika Stambaugh, owner of TMI – PR with a Purpose.

When Mika Stambaugh finds a need in the market, she rolls up her sleeves and fills the void. Stambaugh, an Emmy award-winning journalist, launched TMI to share the good in Chicago. She ditched the world of heartbreaking media stories and decided to shed a light on the positive news in Chicago through her media company.

Collectively Pushing for Impact

Do you want to create a compelling vision that creates a new Chicago for women startups and leaders? As Founder of DyMynd, Carolyn Leonard is paving the way! Join the movement!

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