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Dividend Queens: Top 100 Stock Market Investing Book!

Chicago, IL — January 14, 2020 — On January 14, 2020, Dividends Are a Queen’s Best Friend: A Beginners Guide to Dividend Investing made it to the Top 100 Stock Market Investing Books list.

“I am honored and excited that Dividends Are a Queen’s Best Friend has been recognized as a top 100 stock market investing book,” says Chicago-based author Charlene Rhinehart. “It means the world to me to be able to write an investing book for women that breaks down all the intimidating lingo and gives more women the courage to do what once seemed impossible.”

Dividends Are a Queen’s Best Friend was released on Amazon in September 2019. It is a beginner’s investing guide that blends real-life fears and emotions with female-friendly finance terms. This book was designed to make shopping at the stock market as easy as shopping at the mall. The added bonus this book provides is showing readers how to create another source of income so they can have more time to pursue their passions.

Since the book release, hundreds of women have been able to start their investing journey and take control of their financial future. Readers also have access to insights shared via Wealthy Women Weekly to continue their dividend journey through financial coaching and courses.

Author Charlene Rhinehart is a Certified Public Accountant, Keynote Speaker, and Podcast Host. She started her career as a financial analyst during the Great Recession and has been exposed to many different areas of money and banking. In 2019, Charlene graduated from the AICPA Leadership Academy and was recognized as a “Woman to Watch” by the Illinois CPA Society.

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