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Glamour Survey Reveals That 85% of Women Don’t Own Stocks

According to a Glamour magazine survey conducted in February 2018, 85% of women ages 18-60 don’t own stocks. However, a 2016 U.S. Trust Study of affluent individuals revealed that more than 30% of wealth is accumulated from investments.

If investing is one proven strategy to build wealth, why don’t more women invest?

In an exclusive survey titled, “Deep, Dark Money Secrets from 1000 Women”, Glamour received responses from 1,143 women about their money. Money was a taboo topic, but now women are opening up about wages, wealth, and what they wish they knew about money.

51% of Women Have Less than $500 in Savings

Women are saving less but Millennial women seem to be worse off than their parents.

Not only are millennial women earning less than men, they are also bombarded with high levels of student loan debt. More education has come at a higher cost for more women, forcing them to delay savings and investing.

Now, more women have an opportunity to gain access to financial education so they can have more money available for savings.. When you have savings and cash on hand, it’s easier to start investing with as little as $100.

56% of Women Don’t Have a 401(K)

The job market hasn’t been as promising as many women thought it would be.

Not only are women lagging behind in 401(k) benefits, but many women haven’t found jobs that equate to their level of education. Yvonne Juris, a 27-year-old with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, shared her story with NBC News about her recent job offer. “Recently I was offered $500 a month, but I negotiated to $700 a month” she said, emphasizing how companies are offering lower wages to exploit desperation.

For women who have the luxury of owning a 401(k), it’s important to get the maximum benefits.

63% of Women Feel Anxiety About Money

When cash is low, many women run to credit cards for an immediate source of comfort. 47% of women surveyed admit they carry a credit card balance month to month.

And over half of women can’t keep their bank accounts funded. 51% say they have had a 0 balance or have overdrawn their bank accounts at least once in the past year.

Stock Ownership Can Change the Financial Future for Women

The mission of Wealthy Women Daily is to help every woman build a stock portfolio that’s bigger than her shoe collection. When women start investing, they gain more options in life. It’s about having a choice so you never have to settle for anything in life. Investing is one way to gain financial freedom and live your dreams.

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Disclaimer: Wealthy Women Daily is solely educational and informational, and is not intended to give investment or trading advice of any kind. Not all asset classes are suitable for all investors. Wealthy Women Daily is a research academy that provides you with the data and analysis you need to make an informed investment decision. It is your responsibility to talk to an expert to understand how specific investments will impact you during tax time. 

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