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Comcast Steps on the Disney-Fox Deal With An All Cash Bid

Would you rather have cash in your pockets or stock in your account?

That’s one of the many decisions that 21st Century Fox will have to make as the company plans to sell its’ entertainment assets.

In December 2017, the internet started racing when media sources reported that Walt Disney would proceed with a $52.4 billion, all stock deal to acquire 20th Century Fox and other assets. This acquisition would give Disney more control over media content and channel distribution. This would include the following:

  • FX Networks
  • National Geographic
  • 22 regional sports networks
  • Additional 30% stake in Hulu
  • 50% share of Endermol Shine Group
  • Star India Satellite service
  • Fox’s overseas interest in media and telecommunications company Sky

There is no doubt about it. Disney’s acquisition of Fox’s entertainment assets is a really big deal.

As of May 2018, this big deal could turn into a big battle.

Comcast recently announced its’ plan to win over the assets of Fox with a $60B cash deal. This deal is dependent on the results of AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner.

If Comcast wins the bid war, the company would have a majority stake in Hulu. Currently, Hulu is a joint venture with The Walt Disney Company (30%), 21st Century Fox (30%), Comcast (30%), and Time Warner (10%).

How do you think the Fox deal will end? Would you sell your assets to Comcast or Disney? As a company and an individual, you should consider the tax implications of receiving cash over stock.

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