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REITs: Own Real Estate in Less than 5 Minutes!

Have you ever wanted to own real estate without the hassle of tenants, upkeep costs, and expensive loans?

Here’s your chance.

You can become a real estate investor without actually having to go out and buy commercial real estate. Another bonus: you can receive money monthly or quarterly just for being an investor.

REITs make it all possible. REITs (real estate investment trusts) are companies that have met specific requirements to own, operate, or finance a portfolio of income-producing real estate or real estate-related assets. It’s a feasible way for all investors to invest in sizable, income-producing, professionally managed companies that own commercial real estate.

How to Invest in REITS

Most U.S. REITs are registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and are traded on major stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the NASDAQ. Anyone can invest in a publicly traded REIT by purchasing shares through a broker or by investing in a mutual fund that specializes in public real estate.

Once you know which REITs you want to purchase, you can complete a transaction and add real estate to your portfolio in less than 5 minutes!

Income-Producing Real Estate Assets

Once you’re an investor, you’ll get a piece of the profits earned from these income-producing real estate assets:

  • office buildings
  • shopping malls
  • apartments
  • hotels
  • resorts
  • self-storage facilities
  • warehouses
  • mortgages or loans.

Benefits to Investors

Here are just a few of the reasons why REITs are attractive investments:

  • Create a diverse portfolio of real estate investments
  • Instantly buy and sell shares
  • Gain access to a liquid investment
  • Avoid maintenance fees
  • No ongoing responsibility
  • Receive profits monthly/quarterly
  • Start with less than $100
  • Invest in less than 5 minutes!

Start Investing with $100

Do you want to test the waters and see how it all works? You don’t need to take out a loan to get started. You can start with $100 and learn as much as you can about REITS before you start building a massive portfolio. Then you can learn how to create a $1,000 portfolio of high-performing REITs.

Do you want to learn more about REITS? Contact us to schedule a REIT strategy session and gain access to a portfolio of REITs. It’s important that investors do their research before taking action. Need research? Let us know. We’ve researched hundreds of REITs and can provide you with the data needed to make an informed decision.

Disclaimer: Wealthy Women Daily is solely education and informational, and is not intended to give investment or trading advice of any kind. Not all asset classes are suitable for all investors. Wealthy Women Daily is a research academy that provides you with the data and analysis you need to make an informed investment decision. 

About Charlene Rhinehart, CPA

Charlene Rhinehart is a Certified Public Accountant, Founder of Wealthy Women Daily, and Editor-in-Chief of the Dividend InvestHer and The Wealthy Woman Investor. Charlene is currently the Chair of the Illinois CPA Society Taxation Individual Committee. With over a decade of experience in the financial services industry, Charlene is one of the few leaders who design insights specifically for the woman investor. Charlene’s work has been featured in a variety of publications including the Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In 2019, Charlene released her book “Dividends Are a Queen’s Best Friend”, on Amazon.

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