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10 Ways To Become a Shrewd Investor

“You don’t have to be rich to invest. You just have to be wise enough to know what to invest in.” – Charlene Rhinehart If you want to become a good investor, you have to be smart. That doesn’t mean you are required to go get a specialized degree in …

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Start Getting Monthly Checks in the Mail Before You Retire

Do you receive checks in the mail for doing absolutely nothing? If not, why not? You can start receiving monthly income by investing in dividend paying stocks. Dividends are provided by public companies as a means of rewarding investors who believe in their company. It’s typically much better than the …

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3 Assets That Will Help More Women Live Their Dreams

Anyone can live their dreams. Exploring the greatest possibilities that lie within you shouldn’t be some esoteric concept reserved for a few fortunate individuals who were endowed with a trust fund; it should be accessible to anyone with a vision and a willingness to tread the unknown. More women are …

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