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Building Wealth Through Real Estate: I Passed the Real Estate Exam (in Less than 30 Days!)

Note: Taking the real estate exam won’t help you build wealth but learning the ins and outs of how real estate works will. Speak with a real estate professional about your options so you can determine what makes sense for your portfolio.

I’m a CPA and Financial Coach so I love to wow my clients with exclusive information that will help them to live their best life.

And many of my clients are looking to invest so they can buy a home and rental property one day. Perfect! I’m on a mission to help more women build wealth so real estate obviously caught my attention as one of the oldest vehicles to build wealth. So, I thought to myself, “why not sign up for a real estate class?”

That’s exactly what I did when I woke up on the morning of October 3rd, 2018. I signed up for a real estate pre-licensing class and started my journey. Just. Like. That.

Oh yeah, if you want to get your real estate license I have some resources for you that will expedite your process:

As soon as I enrolled in the class, my whole world became focused on Real Estate. From the images I saw on social media to the books I placed around my home, my mind was engulfed in this world that I always wanted more of.  

I knew my class alone wouldn’t make me a real estate pro so I created my own success plan. I finished my exam on October 31st and was prepared to take my exam in less than 13 hours later. On November 1st, I was notified that I passed the Illinois Real Estate exam!

And then everything happened so fast. I attended the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Conference in Boston on November 2nd, flew to San Francisco for the REITworld Conference the following week, and returned home to tons of letters from real estate firms who were ready to interview me to become a real estate broker at their firm.  

All I could say was “wow, wow, wow!” Instead of jumping in the real estate scene immediately, I made it my mission to train and tutor other individuals who were interested in taking the real estate exam. Email me at if you want to sign up for an accountability partner!

Are you thinking about joining the real estate world? Here’s what worked for me and helped me to pass the exam in less than 30 days:

Make Real Estate Your Main Bae

You will get whatever you focus on. It never fails. This is law.

If you’re ready to dive into the world of real estate, immerse your full self in it. You have to be willing to go beyond the books you receive in class. Your surroundings have to set you up to win.

For example, since I couldn’t keep my eyes off Instagram, I used it to my advantage. I started following real estate professionals from all over the world to gain a source of inspiration. My Instagram feed was booming with pretty images but was also filled with words of wisdom for anyone seeking to buy or sell a home. I learned a lot from top real estate producers who were passionate about their craft. This complemented and expedited the learning curve for me.

Get an Accountability Partner

The real estate exam can be a bit intimidating if you are trying to do it alone. Find someone who wants you to win as much as you do!

I surrounded myself with individuals who passed the exam already and were willing to give me valuable tips on how to maximize my chances of success. I also had late night study sessions where my accountability partner quizzed me for hours. But I wasn’t the only one answering questions. A major part of my study plan was quizzing and educating others on the real estate materials.

Now, when I teach and tutor others real estate material, I make sure they are so good at the material that they can answer questions in their sleep.

Don’t Study Your Brains Out

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to study like a maniac in order to pass the real estate exam. It’s not about how much you study; it’s all about the quality of your study process. Studying every day for five hours without retaining information and understanding real-life application is useless. Don’t waste time. Do whatever it takes to maximize your time. Trust me, I’m a Certification Queen who has passed the CPA, CFE, and PMP exams all before turning 26 years old. Yeah, I have a formula that works!

So, find out what you need to know and make it your business to know it. I remember people asking me, “so how is your studying going?” I had to be honest. I wasn’t studying every day because life was still happening while I was preparing for the real estate exam. But when I did sit down and study, I didn’t play around! I trained myself to truly understand the material inside and out with my unique study methods.

My advice to you: don’t get distracted by 500 pages of information and think you need to know it all. Have a smart study plan. The exam is only the introduction to what you need to know as a Real Estate professional. Save some brain space until after you pass because this profession is all about continuing education. You have to put yourself out there to learn every single day. During the exam prep process, you want to make sure you know about the laws so you can live your dreams!  

Don’t Fear the Exam

I remember listening to some of my classmates express fears about the exam. I couldn’t help but think, “what are you afraid of? The boogie man is not out to get you! This exam will get you one step closer to unlocking a new career opportunity. Isn’t that exciting?!”

The purpose of the exam is to ensure you understand the game of real estate so you can have a foundation to get you started. So, learn what you need to know. Competence builds confidence. If you truly understand the concepts and how it all works, what do you have to be afraid of?

But if you’ve been studying and have no clue about real estate laws, be very afraid. Find a way to get over your fears by mastering topics you need to know.

Have Fun!

I can’t deny it. I really, really enjoyed the process of learning more about real estate laws. I was a bit emotional when my class ended. Yes, I was happy to be at the finish line but my mind was having the time of its life soaking up new information and using it to help my Wealthy Women Daily clients be more knowledgeable about the home buying process.

People asked me, “what do you mean you’re having fun?” Well, I love being able to share information that can transform my life and someone else’s life. When someone works with me, they’ll get a ton of useful information that will make them feel unstoppable.

Besides, if you don’t love what you are doing then why the heck are you doing it? Being a Real Estate professional is a big deal and it can be very rewarding. You’re giving people access to rebuild their lives and that should motivate you to enjoy the process.

Start Your Real Estate Journey Now!

I’m a Financial Coach and Career Strategist where I help more women get certifications so they can make more money doing what they love! Need help passing your exam? Ask me about my strategy sessions at

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